• Corporate Giving Philosophy

    The First Bancorp, along with its employees and its subsidiary companies First National Bank and First Advisors (the Bank's investment management division), are proud to extend our great tradition of service beyond the walls of our branches by identifying and funding areas of community need that exist within our service region.

    Corporate donations, sponsorships, and employee volunteerism are the primary ways in which we demonstrate our support to a variety of worthy programs that directly serve our communities.

    Our company can only be as strong as the communities we serve. We are proud to play a role in helping make each of our communities a better place to live and work.

    Categories of Giving

    Each year, the Bank contributes to many worthwhile organizations that directly benefit our Maine communities. The primary categories of giving are defined below:

    Education and Youth Initiatives
    Because we believe that education is the cornerstone of economic progress, the Bank proudly directs support to a variety of academic programs for students of all grade levels and scholastic development. Activities that motivate and challenge today's youth receive special emphasis.

    Health and Human Services
    As the demand for social services or medical attention increases, so does the need for funding by private industry. The Bank is dedicated to supporting non-profit agencies that enhance the quality of life for citizens who are ill, disadvantaged, poor, elderly or handicapped.

    Art and Culture
    Because of its long history and tradition in coastal Maine, the Bank recognizes the importance of the arts and cultural events in the overall development of our communities. Our contributions have helped introduce youngsters to visual and performing arts; assisted in offering art gallery and museum exhibits, musical presentations and cultural displays; and allowed for hands-on and outreach experiences that benefit greater numbers of people.

    Civic and Community
    The Bank supports programs that help build our Maine communities, strengthen them economically and provide benefits for a wide segment of the population. Serving as an integral partner to the culture of our communities, The First Bancorp supports the work of organizations that seek to increase civic involvement and pride and help improve government, economic development and the environment.

    General Guidelines for Giving

    Following are guidelines for organizations seeking support:

    • Organization shall have offices in at least one of the communities we serve.
    • Funds given shall directly reach the program's beneficiaries; funds are not intended for administrative purposes.
    • Organization demonstrates sound administrative and financial practices.
    • Organization submits to regular self-evaluation and public reporting.
    • Organization has established clear objectives.
    • Organization retains an active citizen board of directors and appropriate levels of insurance.
    • Consideration is given to the educational value of the request, the overall reputation of the organization, the number of people directly benefitting from the contribution, and the value a project will add to local community life.

    The Bank strives to maintain a monetary balance across geographical and categorical lines. In general, a program or organization shall be eligible to receive one monetary gift per calendar year from the Bank (excluding Capital Campaigns).

    Organizations seeking support should be prepared to provide the following information upon request:

    • A purpose statement and brief history of the organization or event.
    • A description of the program, event and past successes.
    • A copy of the organizations insurance binder (if applicable).
    • A list of the organization's board of directors/trustees.
    • Proof of nonprofit status from the IRS (if applicable).
    • A list of the organization's major donors.
    • Relationship with the Bank and/or First Advisors (if applicable).


    This program generally does not provide support for individuals or individuals raising money for a cause (e.g. walk-a-thons); political organizations or candidates for political office; religious organizations or activities for sectarian purposes, unless they are for the benefit of a community service that we would otherwise support; organizations that cannot designate funds to stay within our geographic region; national or international organizations.

     Corporate Decision Makers

    Donation and sponsorship requests should be sent, in writing, to the branch manager in the community where the asking organization is based. Generally, branch managers will be the decision-makers, though some requests, usually due to scope, are forwarded on to the Marketing Department. Capital Campaign requests are also considered by our Marketing Department.

    Updated January 2016